Jagdish Hattiangadi

416-736-2100 x 77524
S437 Ross Building

Professor of Philosophy;
Graduate Program in Philosophy

BA Hons, Bombay; MA, London; PhD, Princeton

My current new research interest is in ancient forms of skepticism, and the development of scientific method by an innovation made in one of the ancient forms of skepticism by Francis Bacon. I am currently working on how this was modified by Robert Boyle, and by Isaac Newton to give us the “new method of induction,” and came to be regarded as the scientific method in the centuries that followed the 17th. I continue my research interest in the critique of logical negativism, which characterizes most new philosophical approaches to science in the twentieth century, and how it was developed to counter Newton’s method when it was misunderstood and therefore thought to be impossible. Logical negativisms have also been influential in social approaches to science, and this influence is in need of study. Among my current research interests is developing how we must interpret typical metaphysical issues under current discussion, if, as natural philosophers, we take the reality of chance and of the reality of the passage of time to be among the most basic features of the world, as physics after Planck has been obliged to countenance. Finally, I am interested in the study of some key “philosophical problems” in the light of the evolutionary biology, such as in epistemology, in metaphysics, and in ethics.