James Elwick

Name: James Elwick
Email: jelwick@yorku.ca
Phone: 30143
Office: 313 Bethune
Website: http://www.yorku.ca/jelwick/
Undergrad programs: STS, Natural Science
Member of Graduate Program

PhD (Toronto) M.Phil (Cantab)

"Our current climate crisis has many public figures “gaslighting” the public (i.e. say demonstrably false things without fear of consequences). I’ve started studying how scientists like Andrew Weaver, current leader of the BC Green Party, and groups like “Evidence for Democracy” organize politically to pressure public figures to change this behaviour.

In addition, I am completing a book that examines how exams and metrics first got standardized. I look at how exam results were turned into metrics and rankings, and how scientists and other professions were able to get publicly certified as “experts” for these kinds of tests." Professor Elwick

Research interests: history of the life sciences; history of science education

Courses currently teaching: NATS 1765, “Science, experts and citizens”; STS 3740, “Life sciences in modern society”; GS 6309, “Objectivity and its alternatives”