Robin Metcalfe (née Fingerhut)

Course Director, Division of Natural Science

416-736-2100 x 30302
305 Bethune College

BA (Hons.), Sarah Lawrence College
MSc, PhD, York University, Department of Physics and Astronomy

My PhD research pertained to the field of extragalactic astronomy and involved a survey of roughly 80 nearby galaxies in order to ascertain the properties of the sheet-like distribution of galaxies in which our galaxy, the Milky Way, resides. The survey involved galaxy images obtained over the course of 8 observing runs at major observatories in Hawaii, Mexico, Chile and South Africa.

I've had the pleasure of teaching Physics and and Astronomy courses in York's Division of Natural Science as well as in the Department of Physics & Astronomy since 2004. My courses include Astronomy (NATS1740), History of Astronomy (NATS1745), Space Flight and Exploration (NATS1530), Introduction to Physics (PHYS1510), and Physics for World Leaders (NATS1945), which was chosen as one of York’s two “Cool Courses” in MacLean’s 2015 University Rankings.